Testimonials from Users

Below is a sample of some of the Testimonials we have received over the years.

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This is the first time we have used this hall and the experience was second to none! We hosted a Bingo Night fundraiser and the space was perfect. Damien, the Hall Manager was fantastic, responded promptly and assist throughout the entire experience. The facilities were amazing! Cannot wait to have another event there!!!

Name: Sebastian

Name of Organisation: Team Melbourne

Type of Use: Bingo Fundraiser

Date: April 2017

URL: http://teammelbourne.org.au/

The Centre was a great venue. All our needs were met and Damien was great to work with. The room was a good size, the acoustics were good without a mic needed, the visuals on the wall and power point presentation was good, the bathroom facilities were satisfactory and the industrial style kitchen full of glass wear and all crockery needed, urn etc made catering easy. I would rebook for another conference.

Name: Joanne G

Name of Organisation:West Gippsland Natural Therapies

Type of Use: Seminar

Date: Feb 2017

Loved hiring the Abbotsford Hall to run The Voices Of...Weekend Workshop. It was perfect for what we needed and staff were very accommodating. Will definitely be using it again. Thanks again, Tali

Name: Tali

Name of Organisation: The Voices Of Movement

Type of Use: Seminar

Date: Oct 2016

We've been using the Hall for several weeks to rehearse a large-scale theatre production at Theatre Works. I've also booked the Hall in the past for the rehearsals of a show at the Melbourne International Arts Festival in 2014. Each time we have had an excellent experience dealing with Damien the Hall Manager, and each project has benefited enormously from the flexibility and access the venue provides. I highly recommend the Collingwood Masonic Centre to anyone rehearsing theatre and performance in Melbourne.

Name: Eric

Independent Theatre Producer

Type of Use: Theatre Rehearsal

Date: August 2016

Thank you so much for your fabulous support! We were delighted with all you had to offer during our time at Abbotsford Hall. It is a fantastic venue, with a number of spaces to utilise for different aspects of our rehearsal process. It was great to be able to leave set/equipment in place throughout the rehearsal period, knowing it would not be disturbed and it was safe. We thank you very much for the opportunity to use the hall.

Name: Robina Burton

Name of Organisation: Ranter Theatre

Type of Use: Theatre Rehearsal

Date: May 2016

This is an excellent venue, with many great spaces available to hire. Management is very easy to deal with, great communication and very accommodating. We used the venue for an interactive theatre performance and had great responses from our audience about the atmosphere and style of the venue.

Name: Emma

Name of Organisation: Hunted the Interactive Horror Experience

Type of Use: Interactive Theatre

Date: Nov - Dec 2015

We held a film shoot at the Abbotsford Hall and I could not have been happier with the venue.

The building is spacious, clean, secure and well equipped.

Damien was an absolute pleasure to deal with and responded to all of our queries in a prompt and professional manner.

The website is a fabulous resource with all the info you might need when hiring out the venue.

I have already recommended the hall to colleagues and I look forward to filming here again in the future.

Name: Anna

Name of Organisation: Greenfield Pictures

Type of Use: Filming

Date: 29 November 2014

The day went off well, and we hope that we may be able to rebook for the same time next year. The large space and number of tables available was enormously helpful to us. Thank you for your kind assistance, which has been prompt and professional.

Name: Chris R,Global Language Books Pty Ltd

Type of Use: Book Sale

Date: Mid August 2014

This is a hidden gem that is sure to become a popular event space.

We were absolutely thrilled to hire the hall for a three-day period for our DIY wedding.

We decorated the space on the Friday, had our wedding on the Saturday and packed it all up on the Sunday before returning the keys. Damien was exceptionally helpful right throughout and even took the time to discuss access arrangements with our food truck caterer. The kitchen is well equipped for prep space and the hall is wheelchair accessible which was necessary for one of our guests. Once we hung our festoon lighting and decorations it looked stunning. If you're on a budget and after a blank canvas to make your mark for an event, this is definitely it.

Name:Maria and Erwin

Type of Use: Wedding

Date: Nov 2013

This venue is perfect for theatrical rehearsals, although the main room

does require some sound deadening to be taken in to soften the acoustics a little.

The venue is close to Collingwood Railway Station, making it easily accessible,

and car parking isn't too bad either.


Hit Productions

Type of Use - Theatre Rehearsal

Date - July/Aug 2013

We used the masonic hall for two weeks.

We were very happy with the area provided finding it clean and spacious.

The hall manager was alwalys very helpful, welcoming and friendly.

We are looking forward to using this venue again in the future.

Julia H

Brandon Raynor's School of Massage and Natural Therapies


Type of Use - Training and Education

Date - July 2013

We would like to say a big thank you to Damien for arranging the hall hire and setup!

We held an afternoon harp & voice concert at the hall, with tea and cake being served after the concert.

Damien was very friendly and helpful with the whole process and responded our queries promptly.

Our audience commented that the hall was such a nice space for the concert.

The acoustics was great, the hall looked very presentable and well maintained.

It was handy to have the kitchen and urn to serve afternoon tea.

Thank you for a fantastic afternoon!

Type of use - Childrens' Party

Date - November 2011

Melbourne Harp & Voice,Deon and Joanna

Type of Use - Music Recital

Date - May 2013

Melbourne Harp and Voice on Facebook

Throughout the complete process of finding, contacting and booking the hall there were never any problems, with Damien and the staff being very easy and understanding to all my rental needs. Arriving at the venue on the day of hire I was greeted by the friendly staff and welcomed in to discuss the finer points of my hire as well as being shown throughout the venue while being given easy instructions on how to move freely through the rooms of the venue. Using the venue for a live performance I found the Masonic hall staff to be very helpful and understanding in my needs even helping me to set the main room up before bands and show attenders arrived. I can't thank Damien and the staff at the Masonic Hall and couldn't recommend it enough to anyone looking for hall hire.


Type of Use - Bands Afternoon

Date - Oct 2012

We have just held our third successful Sale at the Collingwood Masonic Hall and we have our next one already booked. Damien the Hall Manager is so accommodating and easy to work with it makes the whole process stress free and enjoyable. For our business aesthetic, the polished floor boards and natural coloured walls are the perfect back drop for our product. The Hall is always spotless and airy and has a really lovely feel to it and we look forward to our next Sale there


Lakeland Design

Type of Use - Liquidation Sale

Date - August 2012

We hired the hall for a small cocktail style wedding reception for 65 people.

The hall itself is a great size for this quantity of people in which we placed some small tables and some standing room. There is a small built in stage and wonderful picture of the Queen on the wall.

The kitchen, although basic was very large and the stove and oven were very good. There is a very large stainless bench for prepping and preparing platters and plating up which was fantastic.

The hall manager was very easy to deal with friendly and quick to respond to any requests. I would recommend this space highly to anyone looking to host a relaxed style function.

Kate Hannaford

Moth Design

Type of Use - Wedding

Date June 2012

As the director of an independent hybrid arts production team I have no reservations in recommending the Collingwood United Masonic Centre as a both a worthy venue for hire and an institution of the highest integrity. Our dealings with the Centre and particularly the hall manager Damien Hudson were nothing less than professional, friendly, prompt and responsive. It was a pleasure to use the available facilities which more than accommodated our unique needs.

Jason Maling

Director of Fuguestate

Type of Use - Arts Project

Date - 1 April to 30 April 2012

We enquired about the Hall late last year as we were looking for a set for a video clip (Which we have just released! (You can see the end results here http://youtu.be/g8wtYEKegok ) The Masonic Hall was perfect for what we were after. The space was nice and clean, and all the period features were beautiful. Damien, the Hire Manager was helpful and answered any questions that I or the dancers involved with the day threw at him. Awesome


Type of use - Filming

Date - Jan 2012

Everyone enjoyed the hall, I would definitely recommend you to other events and individuals. You were great to deal with, with a good sized kitchen. Thanks again for all your help.


Mike of the Australian Walnut Industry Association

Type of use - Meeting

Date - October 2011

The hall worked out perfectly for our auditions.

Stuart Simpson


Type of use - auditions

Date - November 2011

The Australian Walnut Industry Association recently hired the meeting room for an Executive Committee meeting with members from across Victoria. The central location next to Collingwood railway station was ideal as it allowed our country members to catch the train to Southern Cross station and then arrive at the hall quickly and with a minimum of fuss. It was a great venue and we will definitely use it again.

The Collingwood Masonic Centre is ideally located to offer an inner city workshop space for a medium sized group. We found the facilities, more than adequate, excellent heating, a lovely floor for movement, adjacent room for changing and a fully equipped charming kitchen with plenty of space around the huge central stainless steel bench.

The Hall Manager, Damien communicated the procedures for using the space clearly and was particularly responsive to any queries and phone calls. On the whole it felt like a very cared for old building.

Meredith of 5Rhythms Dance in Fitzroy Melbourne.

Type of use - Filming

Date - March 2011

Fnuky "Big Ideas, not just ads"

We used Abbotsford Hall to shoot a short film and were very pleased not only with the aesthetic of the production space but also the facilities and room provided for cast and crew to make it a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The flexibility provided to us by the staff was also greatly appreciated.

Natalie Nalesnyik

Type of use - Filming

Date - October 2011

I found the establishment to be of great standard. It met our requirements for our rehearsals prior to our shoot. There was plenty of space and lots of parking at the back.

Also, Damien the hall manager was of great help!

I highly recommend the facility for your future meetings.

Rod Alday, Delafilms

Type of use - Film Rehearsal

Date - Sept 2011

We used Abbotsford Hall for a creative development of a ( theatre) performance work and found it a pleasure to hire!

We had everything we needed, there's heaps of space, good heating and a nice big kitchen. It's also easy to get to and they were flexible with access times. We would definitely consider using it again.

Bridget Balodis


Type of use - Theatre Development Project

Date - June 2011

Webmasters note - look out for Shotgun Wedding at NextWave 2012 !

This was a great space for our beginner squad to run training sessions.

The room is spacious with nice high ceilings, and effective heating.

The location is easily accessible by train too!

Type of use - Rehearsal for a Cheerleading Squad

Date - April 2011

We filmed a Television Commercial in the Collingwood Masonic Centre and found that not only was it a fantastic location, but the flexibility of the staff, made it an incredibly easy shoot.

Type of use - Dance Event

Date - October 2011