MAP Dates at Collingwood Masonic Centre 2016

Post date: Jan 19, 2016 11:19:32 AM

The Collingwood Masonic Center will host the Central District's Masonic Advancement Program (MAPS) for 2016.

These are meetings for all Freemasons of the appropriate Degree.

The schedule is below and YOU MUST BOOK IN. If there is no one booked in, then these will not run on the nights below.

The 2016 Central District Map Dates are;

Wed 3rd February 7:30pm MAP2

Wed 2nd March 7:30pm MAP3

Wed 6th April 7:30pm MAP1

Wed 4th May 7:30pm MAP2

Wed 1st June 7:30pm MAP3

Wed 6th July 7:30pm MAP1

Wed 3rd August 7:30pm MAP2

Wed 7th September 7:30pm MAP3

Wed 5th October 7:30pm MAP1 date changed to Wed 12th October

Wed 2nd November 7:30pm MAP2

Wed 7th December 7:30pm MAP3