Pictures from Functions

Holding an inexpensive wedding, birthday or anniversary event can be a huge challenge in Melbourne - unless you know about Abbotsford Hall in Collingwood.

Over the years we have been offering the hall for hire, it is especially weddings who do the most amazing job of transforming the hall into a magical space. Many of our brides and grooms and their family and friends have applied some incredible creativity and amazing skills to the main hall and board room which has left me speechless.

Often it's families and friends who gift the flowers, cakes, decorations and occasionally some very elaborate "sets" for the couple's perfect day.

I've seen bars built, amazing wedding canopies, but even some simple and personalized place and table settings, highlighted by some flowers and place cards, transform our fairly blank space.

Unlike many other venues, we don't kick you out at midnight or start negotiating or enforce at 11:30pm an hourly rate for the next two hours which will cost you your honeymoon or leave a bitter memory. We give you enough time to set up. We're even happy to talk to you about a Friday to Sunday hire for your wedding - almost every couple takes that up... we're not a sausage factory and would rather see one happy couple that try to compromise on that by making money and rushing people.

We're different.

We have a flexibility which allows you to shop for your own food and drink, and create your own special day using our historic arts and crafts (with the odd touch of art deco).

Contact us to discuss how you can make our hall your home for your wedding.

Images taken in the hall of the set-up for weddings and other functions.

*Mental note to self - ask all future weddings for a picture of the hall set up and empty*