Wired Community @ Collingwood

Post date: Jul 07, 2011 11:17:11 PM

The Wired Community @ Collingwood web site presents all sorts of local community information for those who live in Collingwood.

Local community groups active around the Collingwood Housing Estate appear on the site

And there is a list of links of local community organizations

You can find other inform on the site, such as the minutes of the last Collingwood Neighbourhood Advisory Team who are strongly committed to seeing the local community solve local problems and shape the direction of change affecting the Collingwood Public Housing Estate

The users and contributors to the site are those who live, participate in and support the Collingwood public housing estate community. “We invite you to take part and share in our website and tell us your story.”

This website was created as part of the Wired Community @ Collingwood, an Infoxchange Australia project to address the issue of the digital divide that is experienced by some communities. The digital divide is the gap between people with access to information and communication technology and those without. Lack of access isn't always due to economic reasons, but also because the skills needed to participate as a digital citizen just may not exist.

The WIRED project aims to:

· improve the social, economic and environmental circumstances of a public housing estate in Collingwood;

· strengthen the capacity and cohesiveness of the community and its networks and;

· provide access to information technology for those usually excluded from its benefits, that will lead to increase the skills and educational opportunities of housing estate families.

It takes a whole of community approach to community building and economic development using new technologies as tools to provide equal access for all residents to local community and world-wide communications, alongside education, skills development, improved health and well-being, access to health and community services and employment opportunities.

The project focuses on the 620 households in three buildings and 367 flats in the Collingwood public housing estate.

Check it out at www.collingwood.vic.au