2016 January - Working Bee

We now have a well established list of standard tasks and add special items to that standard list. There were a few jobs we were particularly keen to see done. Some were discovered on they as we worked.One of our members, Drew, had built a solid frame with wheels for the piano to sit on. We are not keen to see it moved, but a couple of years ago a group hiring the hall for musical rehearsal had moved the piano to the other end of the main hall resulting in some nasty damage to our floor. They are one of the few users we have retained all of their bond. We even considered further legal action as it would have been hard to not notice the damage being done during the move and they certainly noticed it after. They had put some sort of oil down in an attempt to swell the wood and reduce the depth of the damage, perhaps well intention, but not the thing to do as the polish we use on the floor could not be used do to the oily surface. The small metal wheels on the base of the piano are simply not designed to a big move likely they undertook - in the past we've always used manpower to lift the piano or a piano moving troll.

Now we have this frame with wheels, the piano can be more easily moved - but our rule still applies - DO NOT MOVE THE PIANO !

Another member had purchased ipod and computer connections and an amplifier to replace the stereo system that a user had dropped. That was tested successfully and he will return to complete the job once a cabinet for storage of the equipment has been installed.

Several years ago when we replaced locks in the doors, external doors were left with holes. They had been filled a couple of years ago - but they were tidied up and a brother and his son-in-law took carriage of completing that repair and painting. Andrew also painted the upper door on the fire escape which needed urgent attention.

Thanks to the unknown brother who fixed the broken door in the mezzanine toilets.

As usual, there was a lot of cleaning done, and other simple tasks, like one of our members girlfriends looking at the to-do list and electing to reorganize the kitchen storage, it's much better now. Such jobs might not be big capital works, but they still need to be done and its great that it will not have to be done by me !!!

A special mention goes to the members of one of the Oldest Lodges in Victoria - Victorian Naval and Military Lodge No. 49. Founded 22 March 1875, they recently relocated to Gipps Street, and they had a strike team worthy of citation for hitting the side area hard and removing a lot of rubbish. They also did some serious organizing upstairs and it was great to have the on board. You can read of their Diamond Jubilee in 1925 here in the Argus Newspaper and they have a profile page with their contacts here. I would love to see their numbers grow to preserve the rich history of the lodge - that's not done on book but best done by having a vibrant lodge - Well done Brothers !

A great turn out and thanks for Drew for organizing a great lunch and to Mike for cooking it over a hot BBQ !

The numbers are a bit rubbery but I think the following where there

Lodge Devotion = 9

One son-in-law of a Freemason & a Freemasons brother = 2

Several of the above are also members of other Orders meeting at Gipps Street.

Two children of Freemasons = 2

We had two partners of Freemasons = 2

Lodge Observance = 1 (this brother meets in another building but supports us - amazing!)

Members of Both Evolution and Devotion not counted above = 2

Evolution = 2

Vic Naval and Military = 7

Door Painting - Before

Door Painting - After

Wall Clean Up - Before

Wall Clean Up - After

We will come back to this area above (which is storage) and renew it in the future -- note the cool period carpet !