Hall Hire in Collingwood and Abbotsford – City of Yarra Melbourne

Post date: Oct 24, 2011 11:31:56 PM

Our internet site www.abbotsfordhallforhire.org.au continues to generate inquiry from venue hirers in the Collingwood and the Abbotsford areas - and from the wider City of Yarra and beyond.

Spaces like those offered in the Collingwood Masonic Centre at 141 Gipps Street (corner Henry Street) Abbotsford can be extremely hard to find, especially when looking for longer term hire during weekdays 9 am to 6 pm and for whole weekends at reasonable rates.

Over the last few weeks hirers have used the hall for filming, as a dance space, for drama rehearsals, for preparation of Christmas sales, AGM’s and dinners.

Forward bookings include theatre rehearsals, liquidation sales, children’s birthday parties, two weddings, music events and Annual General Meetings. We have inquiries for these uses and also conferences, training – and even a wake.

The Centre has open spaces suitable for many uses and a small meeting room. Recently we have been using a third smaller open space for about 20-30 people, depending on use.

We are recommending that people contact us well in advance of their event to avoid disappointment – but we can often organize hire with short notice.

One of the things which sets our Centre apart from many other venues is our capacity to accommodate long term hirers looking for lengthy blocks of time. In 2012 we have two hires using the centre for a 4 week periods, something you will know is very hard to find in a venue.

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