Looking for Wedding and Function Photos

Post date: Jun 18, 2015 2:6:12 AM


This post is really for those folk who have been married in our hall.

Thanks to those who have supplied photos of their weddings. We'd really like more so was can establish a wedding page here to help people get the feel of how great they can make the hall look. Frankly, I've been blown away by some of the transformations our users have achieved and the peak would have to be a recent wedding consultant who got married at Abbotsford Hall - what they did looked amazing, but they are one of several of you who have made some real decoration magic at Gipps Street.

Many of you asked for photos to get some inspiration prior to your wedding and while we have a few wedding photos, folk often say they will send them... but the honeymoon and marital bliss seems to distract them and they generally don't arrive in my inbox.. (to say nothing of the time it sometimes takes to get your photos back from the photographer).

I know a few of you are subscribed to this blog, so please please please, we would love it if you sent some wedding photos through to me that have been taken in the hall or on the property.

Cheers and I hope the Marriage is going with even more success than the Great Wedding you had !