Going a bit Greener at Abbotsford Hall with help from the City of Yarra..

Post date: Nov 11, 2012 5:29:28 AM

Update in Jan 2017

By late Dec 2013, we had already avoided putting over 6,000 litres of recyclable material into landfill and have been using the bins for 3 years now making a positive difference to the environment.

If you are meeting at the Centre on Monday, especially if you live locally, please take the bins out and in so we can keep this up !



The Collingwood Masonic Centre has been able to secure some recycling bins from the City of Yarra.

Recycling bins are available from Council for a one off cost. In addition to the benefit to the environment – it is also an opportunity to reduce the waste going into our commercial bins collected by private companies.

We set out to help the environment – but if we can eliminate a single collection of our commercial waste service every year by redirecting bottles, cans and paper to our recycling bin, we are also going to help our Not For Profit’s bottom line.

I recommend investigating the City of Yarra’s recycling service to all local Not For Profits and Businesses.

Not only will you help the environment – it could prove to be a sound financial decision and see a win on two fronts.

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City of Yarra Weekly Recycling Collection Schedule - see


Keeping track of our recycling;