New Wine Glasses

Post date: Jul 16, 2017 6:44:51 AM

Almost all users of the Centre have access to our kitchen and its equipment.For smaller functions, we have ample plates and glasses, really there for our internal users, but also for hirer's use. For larger functions, many use disposal plates and such, but most regular users who dine onsite tend to use the more civilized metal cutlery, china and glassware over disposable items. It's also more financially and environmentally sound.We purchases some extra glasses which match our current stock. The main purpose of this page is to ensure we keep them uniform by providing purchasing details.

The original batch came from Unicorn Kitchenware on Victoria Street Richmond. That supplier is not carrying the particular wine glass at the moment... I was able to get the exact same wine glass from Chef Land at 286 Victoria Street Richmond. They cost $1.95 each

They are manufactured by Nadir, and are a "Windsor 7128" 250 mil (8 1//2 oz) wine glass. Details below and also in the materials register.