CMC Inc and C.U.M.T.T.

Post date: Apr 18, 2015 9:47:41 AM


Recently I was asked by someone, what is "C.U.M.T.T." ?

The Collingwood United Masonic Temple Trust ( C.U.M.T.T. or CUMTT) is the legal name of the Trust that the Collingwood Masonic Centre was first set up in.

Today, the hall is owned by Collingwood Masonic Centre Incorporated which was created to hold and administer the property when the Trust was converted to an Association. This is sometimes incorrectly reported at the Collingwood United Masonic Centre Incorporated. There is now no "united" in our official name. Commonly, it is written as CMC Inc.

In the media, we are often reported as the Collingwood Masonic Hall, Collingwood Masonic Temple or Collingwood Masonic Centre. We market our main hall as "Abbotsford Hall".

The centre is actually in Abbotsford, but "Collingwood" is in our name. We can take guesses about this, but dont know exactly why the cross over from Abbotsford to Collingwood was made. Likely, part of Collingwood became Abbotsford, or the lodges meeting in the hall identified more strongly with Collingwood. Certainly a copy of the Trust Deed stipulated the Hall at "141 Gipps Street Abbotsford" will be known as the Collingwood United Masonic Temple Trust.

So, if you're researching the CUMTT, you are researching us and I thought I would leave you this bread crumb to follow.

A history of the centre can be read here