How many people can our venue's hall hold?

Post date: Apr 29, 2015 12:39:51 AM

I guess that depends on what you are doing.

It can be as simple as a disco dancer take less space than a ball room dancer, or a couple doing the rumba take less space than the tango for that matter. A yogi might need 3-4 times the space of someone sitting on a chair. Some yoga folk think our hall is good for 40 people, some will put 60 in the hall.

It's all subjective, but that main hall is 150 sqm (10m*15m) approx

We have seats for 110 people at tables for dinner or set up theater style.

We think 150 people or less is good for a stand up cocktail, but we know some people have had groups of 180 in a cocktail format and said the space was fine. We've had 200 people at music performances, but that number makes us nervous and we think is too big. If you need a space for more than 180-200 people at once, you will need to look at other buildings.

It also depends on how you have your guests or clients spread through the building.

For instance, if you had 10 people in the board room, 40 people in the small hall, 100 people in the main hall, 150 people is no problem and not a crush in any of those areas. Some think 75 people is just right for our round tables, others love 50 people in tables set up like a big horse shoe. Some like to have dinner in the small hall and create a close atmosphere, some like to put the same number in the main hall and spread out.

The point is, we are flexible and your use will be different.

We ask you to read over the Hire Space Information and then look at the FAQs. If you don't have the answer there or do and want to book, please contact us