Hall Renovation Project

One of the missions of the current Committee of Management of the Collingwood Masonic Centre is to maintain and improve the Hall.

Our hiring to external hirers is building funds to address this.

This is part of our strategic plan.

Over the coming years we hope to restore all areas of the hall to their former glory and make modernizing improvements. The wish list also contains new kitchen, bathroom and change areas and a lift in the building

Hall Painting in Jan 2011

Notable improvements at Collingwood Masonic Centre, 141 Gipps St Abbotsford Victoria Australia

In January 2011 we made a considerable investment in our roof

In January 2011 we painted the main hall.

In late January 2011 we painted the side fence and tidied the grounds.

The year 2011 also saw repairs to ceiling in the “Cloak Room” toilets, repairs to doors, replacement of door furniture, and replacement of an electric organ in the building.

In January 2012 we painted some areas up stairs and had a general maintenance and cleaning working bee.

In July 2012 we purchased a reconditioned electric organ to replace the old one in the lodge room which has been having intermittent faults and for which parts has become hard to source.

In August 2012 we replaced the ugly ducting in the downstairs hallway.

Late in 2012, Drew led another working bee of members and from that time spent many evenings over several months working on maintenance items.

In December 2012 and January 2013 we updated more of our locks, replacing the main entry's door furniture with a great compliant lock which allows snib locking and lever action while also being fire compliant.

In February 2013 we painted the Cloak Room, old rehearsal room, front and central hallways.

In July 2013 we had our electricals checked and no problems were found.

In July 2013 we had a working bee and a general tidy up.

In January 2014 we have over 20 Freemasons, including an electrician, builder carpenter, painter and other trades at a working bee. Amazing results with strong representation from Lodge Devotion 723 and Evolution 931 including the Masters of both lodges. We started at 9 am and finished at 3:30 - by far our best attended, most successful and effective working bee yet. Over 44 jobs were completed including large items like painting the toilets and front of stage. Outstanding !!!

In June 2014 - we sorted the hundreds of keys we had to cupboards within the building - until 3:30 am !

In January 2015 - a dedicated volunteer refinished the main hall's floor.

On Saturday 17 January 2015 we had a working bee.

In April 2015 and then in July 2015 we had to remove and paint out graffiti damage to our fence and brick walls.

Over May and June 2015, the very old ducted heating for the main hall gave us a lot of trouble. In July 2015 we decided to replace it and installed a new unit.

In July 2015 we had the carpet on the stairs and in the assembly area stretched.

In October 2015 we installed split systems to the lodge room, kitchen, and small south.

In November 2015, we finally purchased another urn to replace the old one (sure, not quite "renovation" but great to have a decent urn again).

On the 17th of January 2016 we had a working bee attended by about 27 people; our largest yet. One of the jobs was placing the piano on its new permanent cradle.

In January 2016 we had to get the plumber out to replace an outside tap. I had pulled it off thinking I could effect a repair with plumbing tape only to discover age had seen it rusted out and the threaded shank actually break. Amazed I got it back on while organising a plumber.

On 28 Jan 2016 we had to repair a door and also upgraded some globes in the main south to 2000 lumen 18 watt LED "cool daylight" globes. See here. Also repainted the numbers "141" on the front door to help people find our street address.

In October 2016 we had the piano in the main hall tuned, a roof repair done, and our oven needed work on its electric components.

In March 2017, we replaced an internal metal gate with a beautiful timber and glass door. We also has the gutters cleared after roof leaks in the Ladies' Lounge's toilets and also over the main side door.

In April 2017, we purchased two free standing whiteboards on wheels.

In June 2017, we purchased some new wine glasses and added details to the materials register.

In August 2017, we carried out some more repairs to our roof, requiring a boom for access, renewed the fire hose reel in the main hall, fixed the urinal in the hall W/Cs and had a blocked since cleared. The plumber took photos of the roof, which are kept on file with Damien.

In October 2017, we had a kneeling stool repaired.

In May 2018, a new member Ben carried some repair work out on the stage in the main hall.

In November 2018, we had to get the snib repaired on the new door leading up the stairs to the lodge room.

In Feb 2019, we had some issues with lights, replaced light fittings in the kitchen and small hall (old rehearsal room) and had some rewriting done.

In June 2019, a new box gutter was installed after adjusting the height of a roof.

In April 2022 we did a small working bee and cleaned up outside and inside.

In May 2022, one of our members organised a repair to our historic Junior Warden's Chair.

Some notable works have subpages, but not all work has been listed and subpages are mainly a photographic record of changes.