Although not a "renovation project" our oven is a capital item which it is good to share history about.

It is a Savoir-faire 5 gas burner with electric oven (SFD 900 CIT)

(Tom's element shop & Master Tech is who we have been using to service it. Last two visits 2012 & 2016 have been by Master Tech)


In 2012 Repair

We replaced the thermostat and door seal.


On 26 Oct 2016 we spent $539 for replacement of electronic components.

We replaced the clock and selector.


This is partly due to electricity constantly running to the controls and clock.The internal is in good order, no rust and it has an extra layer of metal shell which current ovens do not have. This keeps the external cooler. It is also pretty simple, and particularly because it is not run by an electronic board which can fail.Short version, it is in good condition and a good design. Whoever purchased it chose well and/or had good advice.

2016 Repair

Oct 2016 Repair