2013 Feb - Painting Cloak (board) room, smaller hall which was the rehearsal room and the two downstairs hallways

The project to renovate and restore the Collingwood Masonic Centre took another leap forward in February 2013 with the entry hall, Grand Lodge Room, old rehearsal room, main hallway and kitchen being painted. In August 2012 we replaced the soft ducting in the hallway with hard ducting, lifting the heating unit and creating a tidy space. This was prior to the planned painting and has transformed the main central hallway.

The kitchen has also been painted... people walking in after were shocked at what a difference the paint made.

Volunteers worked hard in painting preparations. A special thank you to the members of Lodge Devotion who donated so much time and effort.

The Committee of Management and the whole team should be proud of the improvements completed at Gipps St over the last two years – well done guys !

Before and After

Above - the kitchen during repair with some cupboards removed and the back of the new broom cupboard in place
Above; after painting

During the painting

After painting