How do I confirm a booking ?

Secondly, read the below information.



unless other arrangements have been made and confirmed.

If you make an inquiry and we confirm the hall is available - this does not mean you have booked the space. An inquiry is not a booking.

To book space, we must confirm your proposed date is available and the use is acceptable (see the FAQ page). We will not book groups or events which put our building at substantial risk, are very likely to disturb our neighbours or obviously bring our hall into disrepute.

In order to create an invoice we will need your organizations name (if applicable), the person responsible’s name, a billing address (which must be a street address – PO Box’s are not acceptable unless we also have your business address) and to have agreed on any terms and conditions – especially price, date(s) and time(s) of use. See our FAQs page for guidance on the prices we charge.

Collingwood Masonic Centre, its Committee of Management, employees and volunteers reserve the right to refuse any booking at any stage and will not be responsible for any loss arising from inquiries or bookings. We take the greatest of care not to double book space – so far, our manager has never double booked the Centre.

Follow the process - and all should be fine !

You must make prompt payment of invoices AND include any bond payable, being the usual $500 or any other agreed larger amount.

Please now use the contact page to make an inquiry. You can call us, but we prefer email as it is probable we won’t have our bookings records when answering the phone.

The purpose of this page is to make sure our customers have a clear understanding of our booking process to avoid situations where people think they have booked the hall but have not after making a hire inquiry.

Our hirers are very important to us and we want to ensure they have a clear understanding of when a booking is confirmed to give them the highest possible customer service and satisfaction.

Firstly make sure you have read all the FAQs here.

Cancellation fees are payable from the time we issue an invoice.