Hire space for multiple weeks in a row.

Post date: Oct 22, 2017 4:50:26 AM

Contact us today about using our community hall for multiple days in a row !

Our ideal booking sees our hall hired for multiple days during business hours. It is very common for hall hire of two to four weeks and that just the sort of booking we love. Our last booking was during business hours and went for seven days, the one before, the user hired the hall for 4 weeks. Such bookings fit the pattern of our use perfectly, and if you're a theatre producer or professional trainer or someone else looking to hire a space for a week, you will know how hard they are to find. Well, look no further !Different venues have different operational styles and pace - our style is laid back, and our pace is timely... but we offer the rarest of things - the change to use our building during business hours for several weeks. Also unusually, we can normally accommodate a full set being left in the main hall, and certainly you can leave props and other things set up. Basically walk out at 5 or 6 pm, and walk straight back in and start again the next day without having to pack down every night.