Hall hire for a week, weekend or month

Post date: Jul 18, 2012 7:14:29 AM

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The Hall at Abbotsford offers something difficult to find - short term venue hire for a weekend, whole week, a few days, or even a month.

Often we find people in desperate need of a hall hire Monday to Friday during business hours or into the evening. Finding a venue which offers space for a whole week or weekend can be very hard to find.

We have more flexibility than other venues because of our business model of not taking weekly reoccurring bookings - we are able to offer significant blocks of time to hirers.

For events like liquidation sales and courses, you can hire the hall for a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday or even Monday over consecutive days*

For events weddings, you can hire the hall for a Friday, Saturday and Sunday or even Monday over consecutive days*.

If you have a theater or dance rehearsal or intensive course or seminar, you can hire our hall for one, two, three or even four weeks*.

You can even hire the hall for one or two months*.

These bookings can be for the day during business hours - or of an evening - or both*!

Contact us today to make an inquiry.

*All these of course are subject to availability and the agreements we have with other hirers, but contact us to inquire if the times and dates you need are available.

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