Hall hire in Inner Melbourne Suburb

Post date: Sep 27, 2012 2:12:52 AM

The Hall at Abbotsford is located in Inner City Melbourne the shortest of walks from the Collingwood Train Station, just a 7 minute train ride from Melbourne’s Parliament Station in the Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne.

The Centre at 141 Gipps St Abbotsford can be hired for short or long term periods and is a flexible and perfect venue to hire for events like weddings, seminars, dance, music, AGMs filming and other educational, arts and social events.

The Main Hall is about 150 sqm and meeting room is about 30sqm. We also have kitchen facilities, onsite weekend parking.

The Hall at Abbotsford offers various spaces for vibrant and varied arts and community projects, as well as to commercial users.

The Centre is owned and controlled by a Not-for-profit Association keen to see increased and wider community use of our space.

Over the last two years we have seen several major theatre productions use the hall including rehearsals for Barassi the Play, Diving for Pearls, and Let the Shineshine.

Several music videos have been filed in the building including “Trouble Somehow” by the Aria Award winning Melbourne band, The Audreys.

Television advertisements for the community have also been filmed by “Litterers Anonymous” while several Australian films have used the space for auditions, to rehearse and also for script development.

The building has also been used as a live venue for album launches such as Lucy wise and the B’Gollies and for less gentle metal bands have also shook the building with live performances on Sunday afternoons. More gentile users such as orchestras and the Melbourne Opera Company have also used our building, as have the Australian Shakespeare Company running several school holiday programs for children.

In April 2012, the Centre was used for a Major Arts Project “Fuguestate” sponsored by the Australian Federal Government, Australian Council for the Arts, and the City of Yarra. We would love to see some more major projects partner with us and we have assisted with such projects during Grant Applications by supplying supporting documentation.

Smaller project like card making workshops, community forums, and youth days have also found a home in our building.

Let your imagination run free in our flexible and reasonably priced venue.

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