0000 - Materials Register

The idea of this Material Register is to create a readily accessible online database of materials used in the renovation project in order to create future consistency.

We need to be more vigilant recording paint colours and not rely on retaining cans of paint.

We've also added consumables to the list, to simply make it easier for volunteers to pick up some new towels or globes.

Hi to Mike and Drew !)


The South
The wall paint used here was Wattyl DX Clotted Cream. Tint used was "DX" and it is a washable velvet acrylic on the upper walls and an clotted cream oil based paint on the lower walls. More detail below.

The South - Upper Wall section
DX Clotted Cream
Wattyl Water Based Walls and Ceiling
Morgans Paint Spot Ph 9550 0555

The South - Lower Walls section
Semi Gloss Enamel
Haynes Ultra Premium
Colour: Clotted Cream
Tint DX
Morgans Paint Spot Moorabbin Ph 9555 0555

The South - doors and timberwork
 White paint used on timber work and windows was a semi gloss white enamel (oil) from Haynes Paints.

Small South (old rehearsal room) - Doors
Dulux Professional Premium
Semi Gloss Enamel
Manual Formula

Board Room Walls

Board Room Ceiling

Board Room Painted doors and painted timber work
Smooth Vanilla

Upstairs outside Lodge Room

Paint used on walls was a British Paint
British Paint Interior Low Sheen
Lib: British_W.LIB
Comment: Strip 163 Shade A0069
SHP 163 Shade A00069
Base/Can: British WH
DD 1Y 41N EE OY48N 075
Bunnings Croydon

British / Colour Wall 2009
Low Sheen Interior Acrylic
Base: Vivid White
Interior Only
DD 52.5,EE 60
Inspirations Camberwell 9882 2384

NOTE - the Colour RAW COTTON was rejected for the above job as it looked too yellow on the wall. That paint should be thrown out.

Upstairs outside Lodge Room - ceiling
Taubmans - Easy Coat Ceiling

Down stairs Central Hallway
Smooth Vanilla
British Paints / Colour Wall 2009
DD 52.5
EE 60
Inspirations Camberwell Ph 882 2384
25 Feb 2013

Downstairs Toilet Walls and ceiling

Downstairs Toilet Timberwork - unknown
Board Room Toilet  Walls - unknown
Board Room Toilet Ceiling - unknown
Board Room Toilet doors- unknown

Kitchen Ceiling
White Manual Formula
Flat Enamel Interior
Berger Interior
Berger Gold Label Range
Acrylic Dulux Professional Vivid White

Kitchen Walls
DULUX Clotted Cream
Colour Wall '07
EE 60
LL 2.5

Also GL Room, old rehearsal room and hallways on ground floor.
The order was for smooth vanilla - I will check the paint cans.

External - Side Metal Fence
Indian Red Bristol Timber Colour
BASG: Neutral
XB: 390.0
XBPM 1780.00
XE 2190.00
Bristol Clifton Hill 9499 9333
19 Jan 2011

External - Doors
Standard Oil, super enamel Mission Brown

Recycling Bins
Put bins out Monday night for Tuesday morning collection.

Window Glass
The frosted looking patterned glass in most of our windows is mixed.
One is a rough cut float glass.

Refer to lock register.


Paper Towel
Not part of the renovation, but the paper towels in the dispensers are 20cm x 25cm

It is a Savoir-faire 5 gas burner with electric oven (SFD 900 CIT)
(Tom's element shop & Master Tech is who we have been using to service it).

Globes in Main South (Batten aka Bayonet not screw fitting)
On 28 Jan 2016 I replaced two globes on the Gipps Street side of the hall. One is in the closest to Gipps and Henry Street and the other closest to the wall with its switch on the Langridge side wall near the central hallway.

They were 2000 lumen 18 watt LED "cool daylight" globes and brighter than the previous energy savers. Let's use not less that 2000 lumen LEDs in the main hall.

Globes in Main South Gipps Street
Fine Line Code I/N: 433 1392

Board Room Table
We need a protecting cover for the board room table and a Grand Lodge Blue or other dark but vibrant colour (recently red) table cloth to sit over the protector.

Table size = 2.44 m x 1.2 m

Suggest Ladelle Table Protector Brown or more likely Ladelle Deluxe Table Protector from Spotlight. We should not skimp on this item, the table has been damaged from not having protection.

Glasses for the kitchen.
We're using Nadir "Windsor 7128" 250 mil (8 1//2 oz) wine glasses.
Full produce code is 10 7128 012. Images below, further details, including supplier, here.
CMC Wine Glasses

CMC Wine glasses

Hall Manager,
14 Jul 2015, 02:44