Hall Hire keeps keeping on..

posted 3 Sep 2019, 05:36 by Hall Manager

It has been a long time since I posted to our announcements section.

It has been a busy year. Today we had a book sale, in recent months workshops and lots of theater rehearsals with six weddings in the hall. There have certainly been a lot of joyous times had.

We are so grateful to the users of the hall who support it. I was at a function there on 10 August, and one of the attendees who made a speech marveled at the precious and rare gem we have hidden in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

Our goal reminds to make the hall avaible to the public for hire and slowly renovate it. We recently did some roofing works and have recently had more discussions on what our next projects might be.

Thanks also to our wonderful volunteers. Much quiet work goes on behind the scenes to make sure we carry forward the disappearing traditions and amenity of having a place to bring people together and have them develop and celebrate.

On wards to our Centenary - it is getting closer in 2029 ! Only ten more years since it is a century since we first opened our doors.

On wards and upwards !

Congratulations to Sinea & her fiancé

posted 18 Feb 2018, 20:26 by Hall Manager

I've just got off the phone to Sinea who held a wonderful engagement party in our hall in Abbotsford on Saturday, surrounded by family and friends.

We normally give early access to the hall at 10 am (or earlier if needed). This allows people holding events to setup in the morning and then return to the hall, showered and all glammed up. Wedding parties often take advantage of a three day hire Friday to Sunday, allowing them to setup Friday, get married on Saturday and then return on Sunday for a post wedding party and clean up. The three day wedding hire takes a lot of stress out of getting married on a prudent or restricted budget. We charge nothing like a licensed wedding venue and users can bring their own food and drink into the hall, sourced at supermarket rather than venue prices.

Sinea, fiancé, and family did a great job setting up the hall in just a few hours. Their efforts are shown below and set up for about 70 people.

If you're planning a wedding on a budget, put your creative hat on and consider using Abbotsford Hall for your special day or Engagement Party. You can view other photos of events held in the hall by clicking here.

Wedding Venue hire

Very Succesful Liqidation Sale

posted 18 Feb 2018, 20:12 by Hall Manager

Going against the normal headwinds of retail, one of our users recently had one of their most successful liquidation sales.

The hall has been used for many liquidation and stock sales, but in 2015 & 2016 with some very mixed results. Promotion is always they key, and we're happy to promote your sale in our announcements page, but your own mailing list can be a powerful draw and when employing it, users in 2017 were reporting much improved sales results in comparison to the year prior.

If you have some surplus stock, and especially a mailing list, consider holding a sale at Abbotsford Hall - it can be the perfect way to clear some of last season's stock and make way for new merchandise !

Contact is today !

Sat 28 Oct and Sat 18 Nov 2017

posted 23 Oct 2017, 17:01 by Hall Manager

Due to cancellations, Sat 28 October and Saturday 18 Nov 2017 and surrounding days have just opened up for casual hall hire.

Please contact us if interested in those dates and for any other inner Melbourne hall hire requirements.

Hire space for multiple weeks in a row.

posted 21 Oct 2017, 21:50 by Hall Manager   [ updated 22 Oct 2017, 01:44 ]

Community hall multiple day booking
Our ideal booking sees our hall hired for multiple days during business hours.

It is very common for hall hire of two to four weeks and that just the sort of booking we love. Our last booking was during business hours and went for seven days, the one before, the user hired the hall for 4 weeks. Such bookings fit the pattern of our use perfectly, and if you're a theatre producer or professional trainer or someone else looking to hire a space for a week, you will know how hard they are to find. Well, look no further !

Different venues have different operational styles and pace - our style is laid back, and our pace is timely... but we offer the rarest of things - the change to use our building during business hours for several weeks. Also unusually, we can normally accommodate a full set being left in the main hall, and certainly you can leave props and other things set up. Basically walk out at 5 or 6 pm, and walk straight back in and start again the next day without having to pack down every night.

Contact us today about using our community hall for multiple days in a row !

New Wine Glasses

posted 15 Jul 2017, 23:44 by Hall Manager   [ updated 16 Jul 2017, 20:30 ]

Almost all users of the Centre have access to our kitchen and its equipment.

For smaller functions, we have ample plates and glasses, really there for our internal users, but also for hirer's use.

For larger functions, many use disposal plates and such, but most regular users who dine onsite tend to use the more civilized metal cutlery, china and glassware over disposable items. It's also more financially and environmentally sound.

We purchases some extra glasses which match our current stock. The main purpose of this page is to ensure we keep them uniform by providing purchasing details.

The original batch came from Unicorn Kitchenware on Victoria Street Richmond. That supplier is not carrying the particular wine glass at the moment... I was able to get the exact same wine glass from Chef Land at 286 Victoria Street Richmond. They cost $1.95 each

They are manufactured by Nadir, and are a "Windsor 7128" 250 mil (8 1//2 oz)  wine glass. Details below and also in the materials register.

We purchased two free standing whiteboards

posted 13 Apr 2017, 21:22 by Hall Manager

I am often asked by hirers if we have whiteboards. The answer used to be no, but now it is yes !

We now have two freestanding whiteboards on rollers which can be flipped to give 4 writing surfaces.

Hirers need to bring their own whiteboard markers and erasers.

Hire Venue with whiteboards

Saturday 11 March 2017

posted 6 Feb 2017, 20:58 by Hall Manager   [ updated 13 Feb 2017, 18:27 ]

Due to a cancellation, this date has just opened up.

We would love to hire the venue for that day or the whole weekend

Contact us today

Apologies - Henry St and Gipps Street Intersection Works Oct-Nov 2016

posted 28 Oct 2016, 18:07 by Hall Manager   [ updated 28 Oct 2016, 18:09 ]

All stakeholders please take note, we became aware on Friday 28 October of road works at the above intersection. This intersection abuts our property. Works are to commence this Monday,  31 October.

Correspondence from the City of Yarra advises;

Works are programmed to commence on Monday 31 October and will be staged over a period of two weeks (weather dependent).

While the works are being undertaken, traffic management will be in place. The entrance to Henry Street till be closed during these works. Access to Henry Street will be via Langridge Street for this time, meaning Henry Street will temporarily become two-way.

We apologize for any inconvenience. There was no consultation with us on these works. We received a letter on Tuesday 25 Oct 2016 advising the works but only read it in detail on Friday, after finding a works notice that our water was going to be cut off and workmen moving the fire hydrant beside our property. We immediately visited Council who gave us some verbal detail on works and, during yesterday afternoon (Friday 28 Oct ) I was supplied more information via phone and email. We are yet to be able to return to the Centre with the plans to properly examine the changes.

Our abutting neighbour had also not been contacted and not been consulted. These works will significantly impact our both of our short term commercial activities and our internal use of the hall; with the potential for long term impact. A council officer had visited the tenants of hotel opposite in July  2016, but made no contact with us as owners of our property nor our abutting owner.  It is clear there is no failure of managing rental agent as the two organizations are owner occupiers and Council's officers responsible for consultation and communication have failed abysmally.

We are advised that disruption will be minimal. However we are extremely concerned about short and long term effects to the hall's income and to its amenity. Completed works have the potential to effect our ongoing use and also our ability to maintain our property, so say nothing of the users over the next 14 days who are yet to be notified, with one exception who was present when works were being done on Friday. Noise levels at that time make the hall unusable, but the contractor, Aussie Civil Contractors, assure us that noise during construction will be minimal with three days of occasional digging  and only around 15 minutes of concrete sawing. With a user in the hall booked for the exact period the works are to occur, this creates reputation and financial risk in the coming weeks, and the works long term risk to our ability to access the hall as we have done for 80 years. Should the completed works adversely impact on our external income,  they will reduce the viability of the hall itself.

It is currently our intent to lodge a written complaint with the City of Yarra.

Should you have any questions in relation to this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hall Manager

Plans supplied by the City of Yarra yesterday;
Corner Gipps and Henry Streets Abbbotsford 2016

Frock Up Pop Up, Saturday 17 September 2016

posted 8 Sep 2016, 21:58 by Hall Manager   [ updated 8 Sep 2016, 21:58 ]

Way We Wear Vintage Sale

Collingwood Masonic Centre,
141 Gipps Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne, Victoria

Saturday 17 September 2016
10:00am – 5:00pm

  • Gold Coin Donation Supporting Women of Empire: $2.00

It is Pop Up Frock Up Time in Melbourne with the Way We Wear Fairs twenty fifth event. Lots and lots of Real Vintage with Seams Old and other sellers plus 'Sell the Wardrobe' participants. Who knows what you will find. There is antique, vintage, retro and designer fashion, fashion accessories, fashion art, fashion ephemera, lace, fashion books and other non fiction books, samplers, textiles and much, much more. One hundred and fifty years of fashion and fashion accessories for sale.

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